With their checked shirts and neatly trimmed beards, the Hipsters are bringing street food to Croydon!

Dozens of shipping containers, converted to sell street food, are being set up on derelict land next to East Croydon station. The development is due to open Summer 2016.

Hipsters, with their reputation for descending on deprived areas and making them "trendy" will be selling their street food and raving about how cool Croydon is.

Street food is ordinary food with unusual flavour combinations and unusual presentation, and a hefty price tag. Hipsters love it!

But will the people of Croydon choose a "a blackened aged beef patty, blue cheese, caramelised onions, creole mustard aioli, pickles in a demi brioche bun" for £9.95, or will they stick with Croydon's favourite Big Mac meal for less than half the price?

And will we see anti-gentrification riots in Croydon like those seen in Shoreditch in 2015? We'll have to wait and see!