"Do you want fries with that?"

McDonalds have been serving Big Macs and fries in Croydon since the 1970s. They are so popular in Croydon that cheeseburgers are widely considered to be part of the staple diet in Croydon. The borough of Croydon now has eleven, yes, eleven, McDonalds restaurants!

There are four branches in central Croydon, meaning that residents of Croydon can always pick up a tasty snack after popping into Primark.

If you're visiting Ikea and fancy a change from Swedish meatballs, there is a drive-through McDonalds next door in Valley Park. Or maybe you'd like to pick up your weekly shopping in ASDA, just round the back of Valley Park, and grab a burger or two from the in-store McDonalds?

Other branches are located at Thornton Heath, Shirley, Mitcham (on the very outskirts of Croydon), Waddon and at The Collonades on Purley Way. The latter isn't quite in Purley, it's more on the southern-most edge of Waddon.

The map below shows most branches of McDonalds in Croydon.