Three floors of quality cheapness!

Primark is probably the most famous shop in Croydon. Ask anyone where Primark is and they'll point you in the right direction. Everyone in Croydon loves a bit of Primarni fashion!

Primark Croydon
Primark, Croydon. 3 floors of quality cheapness!

Whatever you're looking for, whether a pair of plain grey jogging bottoms or a size 22 white vest top, you'll find it in Primark. Except tracksuits. You can buy tracksuits in a sportswear shop.

The best time to shop in Primark in Croydon is in the morning. Afternoons tend to get very busy with long queues.

It can often feel like a jumble sale with clothes all over the floor as savvy shoppers rummage for the last items in their sizes. But who cares at these prices?!