NLA Tower - No1 Croydon

You know you've arrived in Croydon when you see this concrete tower

This strange looking concrete tower is the NLA Tower in East Croydon. It's one of the first buildings people see when arriving at East Croydon station.

NLA Tower, No1 Croydon
NLA Tower, No1 Croydon

The people of Croydon call it The Threepenny Bit building because it looks like a pile of old coins.

In 2007 it was painted so that it didn't look like boring grey concrete. Now it looks like bright white concrete.

Along with the paint, it was given a new name, No1 Croydon. As of 2016, there isn't a No2 Croydon in Croydon.

It's the 88th tallest building in the UK. If you're ever lost in Croydon, head towards this tower and you'll be at East Croydon station. Handy!