If you live in Croydon, you need to dress appropriately to create a good impression!

Everyone in Croydon loves a nice tracksuit, but it's important to know which ones to choose so that you don't look a complete plank in front of your friends.

Tracksuits for Men

For men, a navy blue Lonsdale tracksuit with a plain white t-shirt is always the best choice. The Lonsdale brand has long been associated with boxing, so when a Croydon man wears Lonsdale, he instantly looks hard. If you see a Croydon man in a Lonsdale tracksuit, you know not to look him in the eye or he might just smash your face in. Or stab you. Or both.

If you fancy a change of colour, light grey is a good choice, but better for summer than winter. However, when wearing grey, it's better to just wear plain grey jogging bottoms and a Superdry sweatshirt or hoodie, rather than a tracksuit.

If you're taking your girlfriend out, try an Adidas tracksuit in navy blue or black.

Men should accessorize with a good pair of trainers and a baseball cap. Lonsdale trainers are always a safe bet, but for special occassions, always wear Nike.

Tracksuits for Woment

For women, just an ordinary pair of black or grey jogging bottoms are fine - there's no need for a complete tracksuit.

Fashion Tips

A good tip is to never mix and match your tracksuits - you will just look stupid.