Pound Shops

Fantastic value at bargain basement prices!

You simply can't beat the amazing value of the pound shops where everything costs just £1. Except carrier bags. They cost 5p.

Pound Shop in Croydon
One of Croydon's many pound shops

Pound shops can be found all over Croydon. The town centre boasts branches of the two big names in £1 shops, Poundland and Poundworld, as well as many smaller independent pound shops.

Poundland has three stores in Croydon town centre, one in Thornton Heath, one on the Purley Way in Waddon, and one in Mitcham.

Poundworld has one branch in Croydon town centre. Discount People have a £1 shop in the almost derelict St. Georges Walk shopping centre.

For even better value, why not try SAM 99p in Surrey Street? Everything there is only 99p!