Shopping for Sportswear

Where to find tracksuits, trainers, baseball caps and more!

Sports Direct

There's only one place the residents of Croydon go to for the ultimate low-cost navy blue Lonsdale tracksuits and that's Sports Direct. Well, three places actually, because Croydon has three branches of Sports Direct!

The first branch is in the Whitgift Centre in central Croydon and often gets extremely busy. Be prepared to queue for a long time on Saturdays.

The second branch is in the Centrale shopping centre in central Croydon. This branch is slightly bigger than the first.

The third is a huge 2 storey shop in Valley Park, near Ikea. This store carries a massive range of tracksuits and other casual sports clothing, and not just navy blue. They also have a good range of trainers and baseball caps.

JD Sports

For those with a bit more cash to spend or those wanting sports kit for sport rather than casual wear, central Croydon also has a branch of JD Sports. This can be found in the pedestrianised zone of North End, Croydon.


It's not exactly sportswear, but light grey Superdry sweatshirts and hoodies are very popular in Croydon. There is a 3 storey Superdry shop in the middle of the Whitgift Centre in Croydon. The Whitgift Centre is due to close in 2017.