Croydon University Hospital

MayDay MayDay!

This isn't really a landmark, but it's a very important place to know. If you get stabbed or beaten up, this is the place to go! It's a short bus ride north of Croydon town centre.

Formerly known as Mayday Hospital, Croydon's natives still refer to this place as May Die, which apparently was the reason for the name change in 2010. Changing the name doesn't change the reputation though.

We're not sure how or why it suddenly became a university, but it might be because everyone who visits Mayday learns something: not to go back.

For over 14 years, the first thing you saw upon entering through the main entrance was a Burger King. This was absolutely essential for keeping Croydonians happy in their 12 hour wait for treatment in A&E.

Sadly, the popular takeaway was taken away at the end of 2011 at a cost of £24,000.